February 8, 2010

Mathura Dham

Mathura is one of the most ancient cities of India and is one of the holiest of religious places in the Hindu mythology. Situated at the bank of river Yamuna in Mathura, Mathura is one of the prominent destinations of pilgrimage. It is said that Lord Krishna was born here at Mathura. The place is famous for not just its religious connotation but for its temples, folklores and beautiful river banks.
Mathura is only 146 km from capital of India ( New Delhi). Communication is not at all a problem as you will be easily getting car rental facilities and it will not take more than a couple of hours to cover the distance. If you have come to visit Delhi, your tour will never be complete without a visit to Mathura, famed for its Krishnajanmabhumi Mandir, Sati Burj, Vishram Ghat, Dwarka Dhish mandir. The Vishram Ghat is a bank of the river Yamuna where it is said that Lord Krishna rested after vanquishing the wicked demon Kansha. The picturesque beauty of the river bank is so enchanting that you will simply be mesmerized when in the evening, thousands of small oil lit flames float on the river.
Mathura is 58 km from the city of Agra and is easily accessible by road. If you have a spiritual bent of mind make sure that you visit this wonderful city full of mysticism that will fascinate you with its beauty.

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Vrindavan Dham

Vrindavan is pious and holy play place of lord Krishna. VRINDAVAN - a sacred place with the essence of love in its nuke n corner. A place where people still experince the very existence of LORD KRISHNA, whom they worship eversince his childhood to His age of glory and power. Not to say , but the residents of this place are surely the blessed once to take birth at this place. I myself have been there for quite a lot of years and i do have a special bonding to this place and will always be there till the life ends. Its hard to describe the beauty n spiritual power of this place in words so u have to be there and feel the air around and the smell the enchanting BRIJDHOOLI which is containing the essence of YAMUNAJI as well as SHRI KRISHNA. -about YAMUNAJI , The river flows through this sacred place and adds to its spirituality which empowers the place with unusual DIVINITY. -The place holds importance due to its beautiful TEMPLES.

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